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hyper sparkplug.

Hyper Sparkplug is UP Quill's cyber reader which features literary essays, theories and works from various poetry and prose writers aiming to enrich our knowledge of literature and inspire us to write.

On better days, the moderator may also feature published works from Quillies every once in a while and if she's in a really good mood, song and video downloads may come up too. She will be extremely kind if we come and visit this often.

We are all welcome to add this in our friends list. Comments and reactions on the featured works are highly encouraged. Fun!

Entries are locked and require membership to be accessed. All works featured in this site are properties of their respective authors. Hyper Sparkplug(TM) is for educational purposes only.


Pinoy Writers Online.
Pinoy writers Online aims to help enrich writing skills by encouraging each member to post their original literary works (either in prose or poetry) and give a critical analysis of each other's piece. A monthly challenge to write about a given topic also takes place to help its members spark up, grab their pens (or keyboards), and create a masterpiece. It is an intimate workshop in a rather amorphous cyber reality. Fun fun fun!


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