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upquill in hyper_sparkplug

(Unknown Author)


I decided to marry her. Courtship would be a mere formality. But what to say to begin the courtship? "Would you like some of my chewing gum?" seemed too low-class. "Hello," was too trite a greeting for my future bride. "I love you! I am hot with passion!" was too forward. "I want to make you the mother of my children," seemed a bit premature. So I said nothing. After a while, the bus reached her stop, she got off, and I never saw her again.


hello superfriend,

i friendster messaged your organization. was that an impolite thing to do. i'm trying to join. i don't know anyone there. in your organization. though i'm a grad student. does that complicate things. could you tell me how, please.

mam'selle luce/hikari/lamppost,

so you're not going to let me joooooinnnnn. come'n, come'n.

Re: mam'selle luce/hikari/lamppost,


I don't know if you were able to contact any of our members yet. What's your email address? I'll send you the number of a contact person. :)